BIZHUB c3320i

The BIZHUB i-Series has a 7-inch touchscreen that resembles a tablet. It offers the best user experience on the market and has a range of security features. On top of that, you will enjoy remote guidance and Konica Minolta IT services.


The 7-inch screen with a 90° tilt angle promises great ease of use. Users can browse, scroll and magnify like on a smartphone or tablet.


Reduce environmental impact and save costs at the same time. Thanks to Konica Minolta’s integrated state-of-the-art technology, your power consumption stays low.


Take advantage of the latest Konica Minolta core technologies for a completely consistent experience. No matter which system, including security features.


Easily forward incoming fax documents via e-mail or to the SMB folder.

PC fax
Send faxes directly via your PC.

IP fax
Send your faxes over a network between Konica Minolta MFPs, in both colour and black and white.

Address book
The MFP internal address book is shared with the PC fax client.

Tray selection
Easy visibility of incoming faxes thanks to input and output tray and media selection.


Direct printing
Print directly from PDF, XPS, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, JPEG, TIFF, PS and PCL without a driver.

Fast Lane
Failed print jobs, due for example to an unavailable paper size, do not stop the following jobs.

Print your documents directly from a mobile device.

The print driver adapts to the user.

Universal driver
You only need to install, manage and maintain one driver.


Access is granted via a username and password, password only, ID card or fingerprint scanner.

Your organisation is protected against malware thanks to a range of Bizhub SECURE security features, including an antivirus scanner.

Data encryption
Data stored on the hard disk is protected by encryption and a password.

Data deletion
Once your job is complete, copy, print, scan and fax job data is automatically deleted.


Remove blank pages
Option to automatically remove all blank pages when copying documents.

User interface
The new user interface is light, simple, modern and easy to use.

Quick access
With a single click, select the most frequently used settings via a dropdown or pop-up menu.


Delete blank pages
Automatically remove blank pages when scanning.

Scan preview
Check before sending thanks to a real-time preview of scanned documents.

Scan programs
Pre-set original, scan file and destination for your regular scanning tasks.

Scan-to-Me / Home
Scan directly to your own e-mail address (Me) or SMB folder (Home) based on Active Directory info.

Scan annotation
For easy archiving, you can stamp your scans with a file number, custom text or date.

URL scan
Send a URL to the recipient instead of a large file to reduce the load on your corporate network.


Adjust sleep timing and automatic analysis of your working hours thanks to the dynamic eco-timer.

Eco meter
Keep track of various eco items such as power consumption thanks to the ecometer.

Scan documents without heating up the print engine.

Weekly timer
Sleep timer setting on a daily and date basis.

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