In today’s hybrid office, flexibility is important.
The latest generation of printers are designed using intelligent
technology to stay effortlessly connected and productive.

Effortless connectivity

Being able to work anytime, anywhere is key to making the most of every day.

Good for your business, good for the planet

For many companies, protecting the environment is an important concern that brings a lot of commercial benefits.

Improve the way you work

Our range of A3 colour, black-and-white printers and copiers feature intelligent technology for efficient working.

Designed for the future, ready for today

Our A3 printers and copiers not only have a stylish and modern look, but also put users’ needs first. With industry-leading specifications, they have features and functions that improve productivity in your hybrid office.

In addition, they support RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) at any location. The printer design makes them future-ready. For example, the printers are equipped with an Application Portal that includes software updates and cloud connector apps, so your printers are always up-to-date.

A printing solution that is simply much more productive

Sharp’s cloud-enabled printers and copiers integrate seamlessly into your company’s infrastructure. This gives your staff secure access to your office’s printing capabilities no matter where they are working.

Effortless & safe

The printers and copiers for the office of the future are set via BIOS-based security. That security prevents the device from starting if faults are found. In addition, security updates are performed automatically from the cloud, ensuring that defences against cyber attacks are always up-to-date.

Safer e-mail communication

Documents you mail directly via your printer are encrypted via the S/MIME standard. This ensures they cannot be intercepted during transmission and are validated as authentic using advanced, electronic signatures.

Easy scanning

Instead of retyping documents you only have as physical copies, you can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition)*1 to scan them into various formats, including fully searchable PDFs and editable Microsoft® Office files.

Much less energy consumption

All devices in our printer range comply with the latest Energy Star 3.0 and Blue Angel standards. Eco settings on the devices optimise processes that minimise energy consumption and save costs, and also provide low energy consumption in standby mode.

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