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MYBREEX: Smart, fast & versatile

Easily keep track of your administration with MYBREEX. In no time at all, you can be processing and managing incoming and outgoing invoices. There is only a small step between scanning documents and being able to consult them online at any time. By the way, our online platform allows you to link a lot of external programs. Examples include CEBEO and Car-Pass. You will be able to work more efficiently saving a lot of time and money. Thanks to MYBREEX, you can be sure of seeing the bigger picture. We don’t just offer software, but a total package including hardware, service and support. Our hardware makes it possible, for example, to import several invoices into MYBREEX with just one click. In order to be able to optimally switch to digital administration, we train you professionally. Switching to digital administration? More information can be found on the SMARTWORKS website.
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EASYBOX grows with your company

You can also save time and money within your company via our convenient Easybox app. The versatile platform makes it easy to monitor your bank transactions, payments, invoices and business documents. We increase productivity in both small and large enterprises, even during the COVID pandemic. Easybox? That means working faster and smarter. Be sure to check out the Easybox brochure if you want to learn more about our app. Increase the productivity of your company? More information can be found on the Easybox website.

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