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Easily keep track of your administration with MYBREEX. In no time, you can process and manage your incoming and outgoing invoices. There is only a small step between scanning documents and then being able to consult them online at any time. Our online platform also allows you to link many external programmes to your accounting software, including suppliers such as CEBEO, your favourite banking app and many more. This allows you to work more efficiently and save a lot of time and money.

By choosing MYBREEX as your invoicing and administration software, you are choosing a complete digitalisation solution. We provide not only software, but a complete package including hardware, service and support. With our hardware, for example, you can transfer several invoices to electronic invoices in one click. To switch over to digital administration optimally, we train you professionally.

On top of that, our administration software allows you to work mobile from your smartphone, laptop or tablet and your data are automatically secured. So nothing but benefits!

administratieplatform easybox

Easybox, the scalable invoicing app that grows with your business

Saving time and money within your business is possible with our handy Easybox app. Easybox has been developed as a scalable digital hub that is easy to handle on the move. The software package thus meets the contemporary needs of modern entrepreneurs.

On the versatile and expandable platform, you can easily monitor your bank transactions, payments, invoices and business documents. In both small and large companies, we increase productivity. What’s more, our platform can grow with your business. This scalability makes Easybox the best choice for your business.

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