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What are the benefits of an invoicing programme?

Using a quality invoicing programme has many advantages. For example, you can complete payments faster. You can also forget about postage costs, as all your invoices are sent out digitally. Opting for a high-quality invoicing programme is therefore a time- and cost-saving solution. Moreover, all invoices are organised digitally in one place, making it easier for you to have a clear overview of your income and expenditure.


Quick and easy

MYBREEX is a simple, user-friendly and modern system requiring no prior knowledge.

Real-time overview

Don’t lose track of any bill, analyse your financial past and plan your future right away.

Digital read-in

Incoming invoices are read digitally and prepared for payment. No more retyping, you can pay multiple invoices in one operation.

Automatic follow-up with bank

Every incoming and outgoing invoice is automatically followed up with your bank. So you always know who paid what and when.

Available everywhere

Computer, tablet or smartphone: your data are available everywhere. Moreover, you run no risk of losing them in the event of a malfunction.

Digital to accountant

Send your file digitally to your accountant. This way, your file is handled digitally and you communicate more efficiently with your accountant.

Efficient quotation follow-up

By closely monitoring your bids, you choose which assignments to take on more efficiently.

Digital archive

Find your archived documents in an instant by word, number, serial number or barcode.

Automatic reminders

Your customers will always know by what date they have to pay their invoice, which will only benefit your cash flow. If necessary, you can also use MYBREEX to involve a bailiff.


You can create a file directly via the MYBREEX platform to have undisputed B2B invoices collected by a bailiff. The customer will receive a payment reminder at home within a week and you don’t have to worry about follow-up.

mybreex dashboard


MYBREEX is an intuitive solution to digitise and automate your business invoicing and administration. Rely on our reliable hardware and personalised service to help your business grow. Want an insight into your company’s finances on your computer and mobile phone? Then our invoicing programme is the right solution for you.


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